Most don't hesitate to take and share photos with their human family members, and I don't think capturing images of our pets should be any different (because let's be honest- they're the cutest members of the family, anyway). If you were to come into my home you would see photos of my two boys hanging in every room, because I want to fill my space with pictures of things that make me the happiest; memories from when we explored a new hike, watched a beautiful sunset over the water, and even pictures from the day that they rolled in something SO smelly that they had to be bathed twice (for the days that I need a good laugh). These photos mean so much to me, and I'd be honored to capture these irreplaceable memories for you, too. Our session will be laid-back, fun, and centered around your dog (of course!). I don't know about your pup, but my boys don't love sitting still for too long, so our session will involve lots of movement; exploring, sniffing around, and splashing through puddles (don't worry, I'll bring the cleaning wipes) so I can capture your dog having the time of their life!


Mini Session

This 30-minute session is fun, quick, and action-packed! Due to the condensed time frame, these sessions are for single-dog bookings only.


Standard Session

This session is all about capturing your dog's personality in an environment that best suits them. This is for individuals who have more than one dog, would like photos with their pup, or would like me to spend some extra time photographing your memories.


Adventure Session

This session is for the pups & their owners who are happiest on top of a mountain somewhere, hair and fur blowing in the wind, taking in the views. We'll lace up our hiking boots, hit the trails, and capture some epic images of your dog in their element.

Starting at $500


What can I expect during a pet photography session?

In short- you can expect to have a lot of fun! These sessions are focused around your dog, so we'll be doing whatever makes them the happiest. Whether that's running free outside somewhere, hiking up to a summit, playing in the snow, or just relaxing on the couch at home, I will ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible during our session. We'll meet up at the location, snap some photos, and share a few laughs- and plenty of treats.

Where are you based, and do you travel?

I'm based in Granby, Connecticut and am absolutely willing to travel! I'm not far from the Massachusetts border and I'm familiar with most of CT. I'm willing to go anywhere that my clients (and their cute pups) would like me to.
I will cover the expenses for travel up to one hour from my home, and anything further than that will have a travel fee.

What if my dog doesn't like to sit still for very long?

Well, then you and I have something in common- my boys are always on the move! I'm honestly more surprised when I have a session with a dog who CAN sit and pose for long periods of time than when the pup is a bit all over the place. While we will certainly get a few of the picture-perfect images of your dog sitting like an angel, I'm far more interested in capturing the crazy, fun, unpredictable moments to really showcase their personality!

What if my dog is not great off-leash?

That's no problem at all, many of the dogs that I photograph are kept on-leash during our session! I'll bring a long lead to give your dog a little space, and leashes can be edited out of images if desired.

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